Mission: Incremental

We have a grand vision that’s going to take time and hard work to achieve. It’s also going to require an incremental approach.

Our plan is to start small by connecting volunteers to charitable causes in their communities using existing platforms. We will help to organize charitable community events and then share those stories on social media.

Over time, we plan to build trust and name recognition with this growing network of volunteers and charitable organizations. That will lead to funding, which will allow for the development of a platform that encourages and simplifies charitable giving.

There’s only one problem: Our mission statement was too restrictive to allow us to take these necessary intermediate steps.

Therefore, at the most recent meeting of the board of directors, we decided on a new mission statement that gives us the flexibility we need.

Our mission:

To benefit humanity and promote compassion and generosity by facilitating effective and routine charitable contributions through a secure, low-friction, online channel that delivers needed resources to philanthropic organizations worldwide.

We’ve always known what our ultimate goal is and, for the first time, we now have a road map to get there.

Thank you for embarking with us on this journey. We are very excited for what’s ahead.