Q: How is JustPay funded?

A: JustPay is funded through a combination of donations and grants.

  • Donations made specifically to JustPay go to our operating budget. Anything left over at the end of the year is donated to the other charities in the JustPay Preferred fund.
  • Grants are used to complete specific projects and will be heavily relied upon initially as JustPay gets up and running.

Q: What is the JustPay Preferred fund?

A: The JustPay Preferred fund is a dynamically changing collection of charities (including causes and regions) that are positioned to do the greatest possible good, based on global needs, at any given moment. Our dedicated research staff adds and removes charities and adjusts the percentage of funds allocated to each based on the latest and best information available. Selecting the JustPay Preferred fund gives you the confidence that your donations are going where they are needed most at any given time.